Sunday, March 1, 2009

About comments

Just a note. blogging and the internet are addicting. As such I do not keep a computer at home. When I leave work I figure time is better spent with my wife, and my Son if he is with me. So I have internet at work where I need it. I work Sunday through Thursday officially. Friday and Saturday I may or may not be in to the office. So it is that sometimes a comment will be left on Friday and I will not get around to responding until Sunday or Monday. It is doubtful I will be in tomorrow. I am preaching for the last time up in Vernal and Rangely today, and will be coming back tomorrow. It is a four hour trip through some of the most beautiful country in the world. But it is exhausting, and I have a board of Delegates meeting at the High School Monday evening. So you can see how comments can sit awhile. if you are wondering I write many posts ahead of schedule, sometimes up to two weeks ahead of schedule. I try to have them post at 7:00 AM. So just because a blog posted, and the lights are on, doesn't necessarily mean I'm home. Check the box that allows you to be Emailed when I do comment. or Email me.

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