Thursday, November 8, 2012

Will not get bogged down

I promise, I won't get bogged down in Luke. If I had to do it over again, I would mix the three synoptics in somewhere else in this project, maybe not take them as they come. I feel like I keep treading the same water, didn't I already talk about that, and why yes I did. And as bad as it sounds, right now, I'm just trying to plow through, and that makes me feel guilty, so I get stuck. But I will get through. Just not this morning. I'm looking forward to John, and I'm really looking forward to Acts after that. have a Winkel meeting this morning (area pastors coming together) So I'm pressed for time. Going to read a Bo Giertz ordination sermon and call it good.

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Scottydog said...

Don't feel bad about the bogged down feeling. The Gospels and Acts, although only 5 books are 60% of the NT (According to my Kindle edition). If you're reading it in Greek first, which I suspect you do, the feeling is even MORE understandable. My Greek is not so good, so struggling through Luke it seems like you get a breakthrough when you finally get to the nice easy to read John. Hang in there. You're doing good work - even if it seems like we're not reading!