Wednesday, November 7, 2012

God Gives

Luke 11:5-13 (ESV)
And he said to them, "Which of you who has a friend will go to him at midnight and say to him, 'Friend, lend me three loaves, [6] for a friend of mine has arrived on a journey, and I have nothing to set before him'; [7] and he will answer from within, 'Do not bother me; the door is now shut, and my children are with me in bed. I cannot get up and give you anything'? [8] I tell you, though he will not get up and give him anything because he is his friend, yet because of his impudence he will rise and give him whatever he needs. [9] And I tell you, ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. [10] For everyone who asks receives, and the one who seeks finds, and to the one who knocks it will be opened. [11] What father among you, if his son asks for a fish, will instead of a fish give him a serpent; [12] or if he asks for an egg, will give him a scorpion? [13] If you then, who are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will the heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him!"

So my son now has a pet serpent, and two scorpions. He never asked for a fish, or for that matter, an egg. Oh well. I don’t think Jesus was being to literal here. I’m sure he understood that boys have fascinations with snakes and scorpions. He probably thinks I’m a fool for letting my son have them, but those are the breaks.
The point is, that God gives, and that he gives good gifts, he takes care of us.
I know not a few people who disagree. I know not a few people who want to blame God for bad decisions, for an unfair lot in life. I sometimes marvel. There are plenty of people who have lots in life that I would not like to share. But I do sometimes wonder if they are just blind to the things God has tried to do for them.
I suppose I could be miserable about things if I wanted to be. There are times when the separation from my son consumes my thoughts with bitterness and rage. Life hasn’t turned out quite like I hoped it would. The thing is though, when I stop and think about it, I’m surprised at how well it has turned out. I’m dumbfounded at how God has turned things around, how he has pulled good out of bad as if a magician pulling rabbits out of a hat. It really is amazing. And so some things have occurred that I never in my wildest dreams would have considered. And other things I thought I wanted, I am glad they never happened.
Every morning, I wake up. This is what I have learned in life. I wake up. If I’m still here when I wake up, I figure there is some reason. If I don’t wake up, well I don’t worry about that, God has it under control. I’ll go along for the ride. I wake up. This world it is still here by the grace of God, and so am I. I’m not the overly cheery person always with a smile on my face. That just aint me. But I refuse to let the world get me to down either. Somewhere, someplace, there is a beer for me to enjoy, a good friend to b.s. with, a chukar that needs shot, a dog on point, a book to be read, a Jeep to be rolled. See always something to be enjoyed, something to do. Jesus gave his life for mine, the least I could do is enjoy it.

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