Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wine-bibbing in the Book of Mormon

[Book of Mormon] Mosiah 11:15
And it came to pass that he planted vineyards round about the land; and he built wine presses and made wine in abundance; and therefore he became a wine-bibber and also his people. (Mosiah 11:15)
Well now, there is no evidence of vineyards in America, north or south, predating Columbus. Though, the Vikings did find fox grapes in New Foundland. But Vineyards are quite a different thing than wild grapes choking out shrubs in a forest.
There is something a bit more disturbing about this. And that is the idea that just having a vineyard leads one to become a drunkard. The Biblical picture of heaven often has vineyards. The land of milk and honey was one that was noted for its vineyards. Drunkenness is condemned in the Bible. But wine is also held out as something that should be enjoyed as a gift of God, just not abused.
What’s more is Brigham young himself would have to be considered a wine-bibber by the logic above as he also commanded that Vineyards be started in Utah. That is until he had a “revelation” that coincided with the incompetence of his followers to grow grapes.


Steve Martin said...

Mormonism...The Evolving Religion.

They should have stuck with the wine-bibbers.(not that they would have been better off...they would have had a bit more fun until they met their father the devil).

Bror Erickson said...

It does seem to do quite a bit of evolving.

Jonathan said...

Don't the Momos have a pseudo- sacrament that involves wine?

Bror Erickson said...

I don't think they do. They replaced wine with water in their version of the Lord's Supper, which is nothing shy of blasphemy.

mollo said...

At the jail where Joseph Smith died, the record shows that the very last food they ordered was a bottle of wine. Maybe they just wanted to decorate their cell.