Thursday, June 5, 2008

My Morning Devotions, or Justification for a Pastor's Blog

I decided I need, maybe to post more often. My last year in seminary, I took a life saver of a class from Prof. Pless called the “Pastor’s Devotional Life.” In this class he suggested that a pastor’s devotions ought to be creative, in that something should be created out of them.
I spend every morning in prayer and devotion, study. And I normally don’t look at the day to day of the office, Sermons, Bible Studies, visits, etc. until at the earliest mid morning. I find after spending time feeding myself from the green pasture of God’s word, I have a lot more with which to feed the sheep entrusted to me. These posts on this blog will be the fruits of my morning study, my breakfast from which I get my nourishment. I don’t want this to get complicated, it's breakfast not dinner. But I am willing to share my breakfast with you. Just thoughts that I have here and there as I read through the Greek New Testament, or the Book of Concord in German, or whatever else I happen to read in my morning devotions. Expect the musings to be eclectic.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, but I know better! You don't eat breakfast unless you you're eating the books you are getting "nourishment" from!

Bror Erickson said...

I have coffee almost every morning, I think that counts as breakfast.

Anonymous said...

Where is the cappuiccno? That is what gets my body moving. The mind however requires other nourishment which I agree, can best be found in quiet reading, meditation, and prayer. I look forward to what is in store. Johnny from MN