Friday, June 14, 2013

A Break from Blogging

Well folks, I get John tomorrow, I have a summer schedule filled with rock hunts throughout the state of Utah, and all sorts of fun projects. However, I have to cut the work load down, and so I won't be blogging until after the first week in August. I will put up my sermons on a weekly basis. I was hoping it would be possible for me to continue the blogging through the summer, but I have noticed that just in prepping for John to come I have fallen a bit off a bit from regular posting, which indicates to me I may need to take a break anyway. I have come to appreciate the fact that there are actually people who read this thing. I appreciate it when I meet you from time to time, and the occasional comment on the blog itself. I'll be back refreshed and renewed when my time with John for the summer is over.

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