Friday, November 2, 2012


Luke 11:3 (ESV)
Give us each day our daily bread,
I think about the 9th and 10th commandments when I pray this. I desire many things. I covet many things. What I don’t covet enough is the ability to be content with what I have. And that is a shame, because I have so much. And the best things I have, I am too often rather ungrateful for them.
Some days I contemplate this. I’ll be in a rather deep funk. Antsy perhaps. I’m often not sure what to do with myself, you see. I’m often wanting to do something different than what I am. I baffle myself. So don’t be alarmed if I baffle you. I was given a wanderlust as I was growing up. Incurable, it is in my bones. Sometimes I think my life has been a complete waste. I could not tell you why I think that. I can only say it is a profound ungratefulness. I know this.
I have lived one of the most charmed lives a person could imagine. Most of this I only now realize in hindsight. The things I have experienced in life are incredible. I told a friend the other day, it’s like I have good luck when ever bad luck strikes. I roll my jeep walk away, and find myself better off in a week. Plus I get to brag that I walked away from a roll over. My entire life is that way. When knocked down, it seems I get up stronger.
I have been given so many opportunities for world travel, I find it almost incomprehensible. I travelled more by the time I was 8 then most people do their entire lives. And the places I have lived have gone to show me, that God is a gracious God. But then I get agitated than I haven’t travelled more, that I seem to be stuck. And I wonder why, because this morning I went Chukar hunting in my back yard, and plan to do so again Thursday.
I have no doubt my daily bread will come. I just pray I might be more thankful for it, and gracious for it. that is the nice thing about being Christian, you have someone to thank for all the wonderful gifts in life.

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