Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I'm sorry guys, meant to get some stuff up yesterday. But I wasn't feeling well since Monday. And other things distracted me. The book thing was a big distraction. You all saw that right? My new book is out. I think you want to buy it. If you love your pastor you will buy him one too. In fact, even if you just wished you could love your pastor, you want to buy him this book. It will go a long way to making him loveable if he reads it. Read it to him if he doesn't. If you read it, it will help you understand him better, and this too will make him more loveable. This is why this book is the perfect gift for Pastor appreciation month. Buy this book, "Then Fell The Lord's Fire"!

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Anonymous said...

LOL-"...make your Pastor more loveable..."
Good idea for a gift though...Thx!

Hope that you feel better, with less stress, now that it is out!