Friday, April 27, 2012

Virgin Birth, Only an Atheist Would be Dumb Enough to Posit its Impossibility

Luke 1:34 (ESV)
And Mary said to the angel, "How will this be, since I am a virgin?"

Mary asked the question first so that all the half baked skeptics out there could get their answer. The problem is they still ask the stupid question. I have never been able to understand the problem. I mean I know that virgins don’t normally give birth. This is why dads protect their daughters from premarital pregnancies by investing in shotguns. But the question of how this could happen makes me wonder just how smart the person asking the question is.
We have posited on the table an all powerful God who created the world and understands a bit more about the supposed laws of nature than we do. I suppose there are laws of nature, laws of Physics. I’ve read about them. For the most part they seem to “work.” I do wonder what happened when apples detached from trees before one hit Newton in the head causing him to discover gravity…. But seriously, the best we can hope to do is discover the general parameters of these “laws.” But even if something happens the same way a billion times, you haven’t established a law. We can assume it will work that way again tomorrow. But seeing a billion white swans doesn’t remove the fact that there are black swans in Australia. We can discover a lot of useful things about the world using science, and if you want you can talk about “laws.” But we don’t know what all the parameters of those laws are, laws can have loopholes.
Like I say, we have posited an Almighty God. We have posited a creator. Furthermore, we believe this creator created time as well as space. We can safely assume that he knows what he is doing, and that he can do what he wants, when he wants. He can make virgins conceive, without disrupting their virginity, or using artificial insemination as “Fair,” the LDS apologists, posit. (When your god has to jack off in a cosmic sperm bank, and the Holy Spirit becomes a sperm currier, so as to impregnate a virgin, your god isn’t worth taking seriously. Sorry. If the thought wasn’t quite so blasphemous and stupid, I’d laugh. Perhaps I did. Quote here: "Critics have noted that this statement, and others like it, can be read to indicate there was sexual intercourse involved in the conception of Jesus. Regardless of this speculation--which goes beyond the textual data--Brigham Young's view may be seen by some contemporary Latter-day Saints as correct in that Jesus was literally physically the Son of God, just as much as any children are "of our fathers." Modern science has discovered alternative methods of conceiving children--e.g., in vitro "test tube" babies--that don't involve sexual intercourse. Thus, though processes such as artificial insemination were unknown to Brigham and thus likely not referenced by his statements, it does not necessarily follow from a modern perspective that the conception had to come about as the result of a literal sexual union. It is certainly not outside of God's power to conceive Christ by other means, while remaining his literal father. (Put another way, Jesus shared God's genetic inheritance, if you will, without necessarily requiring a sexual act to combine that inheritance with Mary's mortal contribution)." full length article here.)
For God all things are possible. It is quite that simple. If you can’t grasp that that means he can cause a virgin to be pregnant, we need to go back to the all powerful bit. The guy created the world. Perhaps you don’t believe that, and perhaps you have reasons for not believing he created the world. Those would be other topics to discuss at a different time. And of course if there was no God and there was no creator, than perhaps the story of the virgin birth would be quite incredible. But at the beginning we have posited a God and a Creator, so if you are past that than this should not be so hard a thing for you to grasp. And if you had the intelligence of a donkey, you could at least grasp the idea of an all powerful God even if you disagreed with it. So quit acting like it is some sort of intellectual accomplishment that you don’t believe in the virgin birth, or that it is possible. Really all you’re saying is you don’t believe in an almighty God. And today that is fashionable, but I don’t think it is at all a sign of your intellectual prowess. Lemmings are lemmings regardless of who they follow. If you don’t want me to appeal to the authority of scripture, than don’t expect me to bow to the authority of Dawkins. Let’s throw off the gloves and debate the evidence and the arguments for what they are.

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