Friday, December 30, 2011

Seeking God in Science

Seeking God in Science This book is more than a book about the debate between Evolution and Intelligent Design, this is a book that seeks truth while trying to ignore the culture war surrounding the issue. Well ignore might not be the word. Rather he is calling for a cease fire, calling for rational minds to cease treating this topic as if it were a foot ball game, and rather looking at the issues objectively. He says he doesn’t care which side of the culture war he is on, he just wants to find truth, and he wants science to be about that too. Interestingly he shows that today, many so called scientists are not interested in finding truth at all, their commitment to methodological naturalism, their own bias against belief in God, have made it so that they can’t be about the pursuit of truth. I suppose that might be a knife that cuts both ways in this debate. However Bradley does a wonderful job analyzing all this. I found the book to be quite enlightening. The book is short, but well written. In four chapters he discusses What intelligent design is, Why it is legitimate to treat it as science, What its best and worst arguments are, and why it should be taught in schools and why. In all this what he tries to do most is get science to return to being a pursuit of truth, and leaving the “culture” war alone. Chapter 3 is the heavy hitting. In this chapter he says he doesn’t so much care if intelligent design is science or not, what the real question is, is “Is it true?” He maintains this is the question we should all be asking. I agree. He then analyzes a few different intelligent design arguments, weighing the objections to them, and the objections to the objections. In the end he maintains that he finds some of them plausible, even if they haven’t quite convinced him. In the course of all this, he does an excellent job discussing what science is and isn’t, and why it shouldn’t draw up any barriers as to where it can lead. In doing so he calls sane, sober minds to prevail above the fray. I have to commend him in that.

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