Saturday, July 16, 2011

A great Legacy

This book is a Festschrift in honor of Dr. Rod Rosenbladt who is known for his many years of tireless service in breaking students of their pietism and teaching them the glories of Lutheran Orthodoxy at Christ College, now known as Concordia University Irvine. The man is also known for legendary one liners that have the cast of Whitehorse Inn licking wounds for weeks as he exposes the weakness not only of American Arminianism, but also the Reformed position. There is only one Lutheran on that show, because two would over power them.
But it's a Festschrift you say, we like the man but why should we buy another Festschrift? I admit I have a few of these on my shelves, and most of them are disappointing except for an essay or two. This one breaks the mold, there may have been one or two essays I did not find interesting. Of course the other members of the Whitehorse Inn and, even R.C. Sproul contribute riveting essays, most are the essays of students who have studied under Dr. Rosenbladt's tutelage. It shows an impressive legacy he leaves behind as he plans to retire from teaching.
For those interested in apologetics, this book may well be indispensable. But the essays cover the gamit of theological interest today, from historical theology, to pastoral uses of apologetics, Luther's treatment of Islam, etc. there is much here showing that Dr. Rosenbladt has succeeded in handing down the faith once and for all delivered to the saints, to yet another generation of scholars.

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