Thursday, May 12, 2011

The last week on Utah Lutheran

Sorry folks, as some of you may know I usually blog ahead. I have these blog posts come up automatically and write them a week or so a head of time. I don't know how the Second Sunday of Easter came in this morning or what happened to the post I intended to have come up this morning.
Nor do I know what is going on with the podcasts, and why they are not available here. I'm in the office for a minute to check on a few things, and don't have time to fix it all right now. There will be a bonafide post coming up tomorrow morning.
I have been out of town all week at a pastor's conference in Grand Junction. The podcasts I tried to put up Sunday night when I was doing bulletins, and realized the spelling typos half way to Moab when I checked the site on my phone. I couldn't fix it from there though.
other than that it was a great conference with Dr. Kloha speaking on how we got the Bible. Great lectures on the distinction between homologomena and antilegoumena, just brilliant.

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