Tuesday, August 10, 2010

out of town, sendepause

Hey guys, I will be out of town all week, and somehow forgot to get posts ready for the rest of the week. Sorry. I will be back Friday and will start to post a bit more. I will have a bit more time then and the posts will hopefully be of better quality. I appreciate all your participation. I have some papers and stuff lurking in my head. I might start using Scribd a bit more. In any case I have to bring John to the Airport now so he can go back to school at his mom's in California. Then I board a plane for a circuit counselors conference in Denver, something about church planting. Not sure I care for the book they had us read a head of time. Seems to me you ought to know what church is before you go about planting churches. But that is what you get from the Episcopalians these days. What a mess! Sorry fact is that it seems us Lutherans aren't any better when we're recommending this to our guys to read. Well I'll try to keep an open mind. Then I will come back, preach the gospel and administer the sacraments, and visit people like I always do. Seems to be the traditional model for "church growth." rule number 1 be a church, then you can grow. That was Fritz's recomendation, and he planted a couple churches in his day.

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