Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ten Commandments are Expedient?

[Book of Mormon] Mosiah 13:27
“And now ye have said that salvation cometh by the law of Moses, I say unto you that it is expedient that ye should keep the law of Moses as yet; but I say unto you, that the time shall come when it shall no more be expedient to keep the law of Moses.”
Now this is rich. It is expedient for you to keep the law of Moses, identified earlier as the Ten Commandments. It is merely expedient, but the time comes when it will no longer be expedient for you to keep the Ten Commandments. At some point it will be expedient for you to have other Gods, use God’s name in vain, break the Sabbath, dishonor your parents, murder, commit adultery, steal, bear false witness, and covet. What?!!!
I could almost understand the above verse if he was talking about eating Lobster, and the other “kosher” laws. But not after listing the Ten Commandments. Does anyone really think about these things when they are reading this?
It may be fairly impossible for me to keep the Commandments perfectly in thought word and deed. Taking into account what Jesus says about hating your brother, and looking with lust, etc. And anyone who says they do is a liar. The bible, not me, says they are a liar. But I think the Ten Commandments just might be a bit more than a matter of expediency. Just a hunch.
Presumably, the time when it will no longer be expedient is with the death and resurrection of Christ, which Abanadi talks about in the next few verses which we will also be commenting on shortly. Hmmm. I think I remember someone saying something about coming to fulfill the law, not abolish it. Oh yeah, that was Jesus Christ. I don’t think he saw the law as a matter of expediency.

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