Wednesday, June 23, 2010

out of town.

Tomorrow morning I leave town, yet again. I will be gone for almost a week. There will be posts coming though, blogged through Jude yesterday. I will be heading out to California where I will be meeting with my Masters adviser, Dr. Nestingen, and starting work on my thesis, which will be on the pastoral theology of Bo Giertz, with a particular emphasis on homiletics, or "sermonizing."
Of course everyone knows my fondness for the works of Bo Giertz. But I am hoping that through this study, I might improve my own preaching. It is also my desire that through my studies the church as a whole can benefit, by hearing more of what Bo Giertz had to say to the church he loved.
Today large swaths of the Lutheran church is waking up with a hangover, trying to figure out what went wrong? The authority of scripture has waned in many Lutheran church bodies. Bo Giertz saw this happening with the introduction of women's ordination, he knew the church was being cut adrift from her anchor in Christ at that time. He saw where it would drift to, and then for the most part saw it happen. He though never tired of holding true to scripture and calling the church to repentance. Today, as many are waking up and reeling at the loss of their churches, I hope they will find words of encouragement and comfort in the legacy of Bo Giertz, to return from whence they had once fallen.

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