Friday, April 16, 2010

About Amazon Reviews

Brothers and sisters,
I've taken to writing reviews for I had written one about ten years ago. It is still there. But I have now written about eleven in the past two weeks. I will be posting these reviews here, also. I mean, this blog has sort of become the catch all for my literary efforts. If you like the review, go to Amazon and hit the "I found this review helpful" button under the review. That increases the chance someone else will read the review and buy the book. It also boosts my rating as a reviewer.
Actually I have been spending a lot of my allotted blogging time working over at To be honest it is all about marketing "The Knights of Rhodes" and increasing the chance that someone else might read it. But there is another reason behind doing this, and that is to expose Lutheranism to the masses. That is the goal behind doing Listmania lists, and "so you would like to... guides". Sell not only my book, but other books by Lutherans, to Lutherans and non-Lutherans alike. Linking Lutheran books with non-lutheran books in a listmania, or an "amazon guide" means that when someone else is looking at the other book, they may also see the Lutheran book.
Now there are some ethical things to consider. The books should have something in common, or tie into a theme somehow. I try to do this, though I try also to get books linked to a more popular readership. Well any way, that is the point of the Amazon Review tag on this blog.


Brigitte said...

It looks like important work. Let us not deter you. Some from here might be able to write some very good reviews, too.

Bror Erickson said...

I think plenty here could write some good reviews.
The thing is I have also found it addicting as of late...

mollo said...

There's another Lutheran who does tons of reviews too. I think his name was rodboomboom. I used a lot of his reviews and listmaniana when looking for books for the church library.