Friday, November 20, 2009

Who is Robbing the Poor?

“They rob the poor because of their fine sanctuaries; they rob the poor because of their fine clothing; and they persecute the meek and the poor in heart because in their pride they are puffed up.” (2 Nephi 28:13)
And the hypocrisy continues! Robbing the poor because of sanctuaries and clothing, seriously I can not think of a religious body more guilty of this than the LDS. How many “temples” have been built in the past 5 years? Every block here in Utah seems to have a ward building whether needed or not. In the meantime there is an uncompromising demand for 10% of one’s income. And they have the audacity to point their fingers at other churches?
I don’t tell my congregation how much they have to give. I don’t even look at the books we keep for tax purposes to see how much they are giving. I certainly don’t compare it to their tax forms. I don’t make them buy special robes to where during the service either. And those who are poor in heart, feel guilt for their sin, here the forgiveness of sins. They aren’t told they are just weak, and need to do better being held up to ridiculous standards of behavior the Bible doesn’t dare deign to go to. I certainly don’t make someone feel guilty for a cup of coffee!
I see people pained that they can’t even see their daughter get married because they fell behind on their tithes. The secret undergarments required by the LDS, and made and sold by them, ubiquitously peak out from the clothing of shabbily dressed mother’s wiping the snot from the noses of their children, as they struggle to make the mortgage. And all the money goes to another business deal to buy coke, or another temple to blight the landscape, and bolster the price of property. Of course one could argue that they are not fine sanctuaries. I tend to think for all the money spent on these monstrosities they are not the highlights of architecture, not even in Utah. One travels up South Temple and the Roman Catholics have a better looking sanctuary that probably cost half as much, and wasn’t paid for on the backs of tithes extracted from poor people. That isn’t so surprising though. Roman Catholics have a long history of architectural triumphs. What is surprising is the even more beautiful Presbyterian church. I always thought the Scotts were known for frugality, the Presbyterians for plainness, but they sure one upped it there!

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Friend of the Predigtamt said...

When the Prediger and I went to Phoenix, there are ward buildings, one for several blocks. From our former winter home in Apache Junction, I can either visit the ward 0.8 miles north of us, the ward 2.0 east of us, and the two wards in neighboring Mesa 2.5 west.

And yet, I'd be switched to find a confessional LCMS church within a 25 mile radius.