Saturday, October 3, 2009

Out of Town

Brothers and Sisters,
I left Tuesday Morning. Spent 3 days in the Colorado Rockies, Breckenridge, for a pastors conference. I did not take my computer. Did not have internet. I need those breaks. I listened to a 3 great speakers discuss the topic of Ecclesiology from different perspectives. It was enlightening. Spent long nights drinking Scotch, and some long hours suffering altitude sickness. By the way those two don't mix well.
I have though responded now to all your comments I hope. Would like to continue the conversation. I will be checking out though again, until Tuesday. My wife wants a chunk of my time. I have a wedding to go to. I have a sermon to write. And the publisher wants the finished manuscript sometime Monday for "The Knights of Rhodes." This is by Bo Giertz, I have just translated it. I do recommend the reading of Bo Giertz to anyone. Currently there are three books in print that I know of The Hammer of God, and "To believe in Christ" and "Preaching from the whole Bible."
I would like to check back in Tuesday. But I might have to go Grouse hunting of something.

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