Tuesday, May 5, 2009

About the BOM posts

I want to say something in general about these Book of Mormon posts. I have taken it upon myself to read the Book of Mormon, I try to slog through five chapters in a working day. It is work. I find absolutely no pleasure in it whatsoever. I jot notes in the margins. When I have time to Blog on it, I go back and look up the notes. Sometimes I will check to see how FAIR has addressed my questions sometimes not. If there are Mormons who are reading this, go ahead, leave your comment, let me know if I am drawing the wrong conclusion from what I am reading. Most of this is from my gut. I don’t really have time to go read commentaries on this. It is hard enough for me to read it in the first place.

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Steve Martin said...

I tried reading it one night (it was in a Marriott hotel we were atying in).

It was tough. Every substantive line of doctrine that I came across was antithetical to Holy Scripture.

Other than that, it was terribly disjointed and boring.

I never went back for more.

Thanks for your efforts, Bror.