Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Closing Remarks on 1 Nephi.

O.K There was much more I could have commented on in 1 Nephi. But quite frankly it is all just hot air sort of stuff. I am as far as I can tell done with the meat of it. There were other things like the Steel bows. I mean one wonders why a guy who can smelt steel to make tools for ship building can’t seem to start a fire with which to cook meat. There is the fact that they are continually naming places. And one wonders why? These places already had names. They aren’t renaming. Like saying this place is now called … but naming them as if no one knew of the place. Though oasises in the desert were certainly well known. You also wonder what coast he is on in the Sinai Peninsula, from which he sets sail to come to America. It is just all highly suspect. Then you have cows, and oxen, ass and horse, goat and wild Goat. Well of these I believe the only one that was here in America before Columbus was the wild goat. There are more suspect terms used. More blasphemes against the Church that Christ founded. Joseph Smith has Nephi predicting its fall. Yet Christ tells us that the gates of hell would not prevail against it.
But like I said I’m done with it. On to Second Nephi. There is some more meat in there which will be more profitable to dissect than the trivial matters of the inconsistencies of First Nephi.

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Steve Martin said...

Thanks for your report on 1 Nephi.

It sounds like an...interesting...if not inventive story.

Can't wait for your comments on 2 Nephi.