Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Usefulness and conscience comforting effect of the Lord Supper. Part VII

In the seventh place, Chemnitz draws on the remembrance aspect of faith, to show how useful and comforting the Lord’s Supper is. Now to do this he brings attention to the fact that a true remembrance means that things that have begun to slip from our mind are brought back to memory for us. This is immensely needed in regards to faith in this world that is often infirm and weak, buried in false security, indifference, and forgetfulness. Being as Christ knew this would be the case with our faith in this sinful world, he becomes our true Samaritan, and has instituted an antidote to weak faith in addition to meditation on the word, that antidote is the Communion of His Very Body and Blood.
Here Christ lays hold on us, more firmly than we lay hold on Him. Then, taking hold of His Body and Blood Christ now wills to train us, nourish us, preserve and increase in us the recollection of our salvation, for which he assumed our nature, and gave it into death for us, and now gives it back to us in such a way that it might be attached to us as intimately as possible.

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