Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Women's Ordination- The Church of Sweden’s Great Treachery

Women's Ordination- The Church of Sweden’s Great Treachery
By Anne Marie Magnerus
Translated by Bror Erickson

The Church of Sweden is an Evangelical- Lutheran episcopal church, where it is the duty of the bishops to see that true doctrine abides. The bishops did not do this in 1958. For this reason we are now celebrating 50 years of women’s ordination. How have the bishops since 1958 fulfilled their duty? The Church of Sweden’s religion today has deviated from Christian teaching to a high degree, not only in relation to women pastors, but in other ways as well. This can be very easily substantiated by anyone who cares, for example by watching T.V. and following the news papers.
The Church of Sweden has a theme of love in the year's bookfair with seminars on among other things friendship and partnership – why not marriage?, Childlessness and Motherhood- possibly brought about by the killing of unborn children? Singleness and Lust- what is covered in that seminar, one can only imagine, when the politically correct thought is that anyone and everyone should live out their sexuality in any way they please. This was proclaimed at Homosexual Days in Stockholm, which the Church of Sweden helped organize.
To not obey God but follow the devil brings, whether it is one person or a whole church, fearful consequences, much worse than one can imagine when one starts down the path. A bishop should work for the salvation of men. This does not happen by, like the Swedish bishops, operating against God’s will. And there is no acceptable excuse, whether it be different Bible interpretations, suffrage, compensation and high status, or something else.
The largest churches in the world, the Orthodox, and the Roman Catholic do not have women pastors, or priests. Had the bishops of 1958 said a round no, maybe even the Church of Sweden would still be a Christian denomination and not a business where people order baptisms, weddings, and funerals. How can a Church’s total spiritual fall be something to celebrate? Ought not a funeral be more fitting?

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